The best cleaning tools: Norwex Microfiber cloths. Some of the Best cleaning tools out there that get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Best Cleaning Tools: Norwex to the Rescue!

Having the best cleaning tools will help you clean your home more quickly and efficiently. Using Norwex products also helps cut down on toxic chemicals. I love Norwex products because of these benefits. And they are also great for the environment.  I am so impressed with the quality of these products and I know you will be too.

**I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and want to share my story and experience using Norwex products. Switching to Norwex microfiber has made such a big difference in my cleaning routine.  Check me out on Facebook and follow my Norwex page to learn about all of the benefits of Norwex.  You too can experience the Norwex Difference- improving the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.**

The Frustrations of Cleaning

I don’t really like to clean.  But having the best cleaning tools helps the process tremendously. I like a clean, shiny, spotless house, but I get very easily discouraged.  There are numerous factors for me that cause this to happen:

I want to see results. If I clean something and it doesn’t look better or feel better or seem cleaner after I’m done, this is a very big de-motivator.  There’s a part I can’t necessarily control- if there are stains or damages to a surface I’m trying to clean and needs a face lift, there’s…I want to see the reward for my hard work.

I want to be able to clean quickly and efficiently. If I have to move furniture and struggle to reach what I’m cleaning, the less I clean it, making more work in the long run.

I want to be able to break down tasks into smaller, shorter steps so that cleaning doesn’t take forever, but can be completed without much thought and spur of the moment.

The Norwex Difference

It’s effective- these products outperform any other microfiber cloths I’ve used. They’ve been my go-to cleaning cloths for years now because of how well they do their job.

It’s healthy- When used properly, these products can remove up to 99% of surface bacteria. Yes, while this is all fine and dandy, these products do this without the use of toxic chemicals. Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for chemicals to enter your bloodstream?  I can clean with confidence that I am not adding toxins to my body.  I don’t need to wear gloves or hold my breath while cleaning. You don’t need to worry about your pets licking the floor or your child crawling around and being exposed to toxins.  These products don’t come with no warning labels.  Only positive outcomes!! (post a picture of a Clorox wipes bottle)

It’s green. These products keep paper towels out of the landfills, are not adding chemicals back into the environment, are creating a cleaner solution for future generations.  We are also removing the amount of pollution in our own homes.

They simplify my cleaning routine.

Norwex products have an element of simplicity to them that is really appealing. The first step taken to eliminate chemical cleaning products is to switch to natural substitutes.  Vinegar, baking soda, peroxide, soap, etc.  This involves making a lot of products yourself which is time consuming.  Laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, stain remover, all purpose kitchen cleaner.  I ended up frustrated by the lack of efficiency of these products and the time and effort I was putting into making cleaners.  With Norwex microfiber cloths and their well-formulated cleaners I can do a better job with less effort. Also, they’ve created products that have eliminated the need for multiple different types of cleaners.  One cloth can be used for multiple different tasks.

They clean themselves

Many Norwex products contain BacLock which is an inhibiting antibacterial agent.  This saves on the amount of times you need to launder them, and keeps them from breeding bacteria.

High quality

Each strand of microfiber is 1/200th of a human hair.  They are woven together in an intricate pattern that attracts dirt and bacteria, locking it in instead of pushing it around.  All Norwex microfiber products come with a 2 year warranty.  It’s not common for companies to back their products like this, and I’ve found that the companies that do offer higher quality products.  Finding companies that offer warranties is extremely important to me and boosts my confidence in their products.

They motivate me to clean

I read somewhere that instead of using plastic hangers we should be buying high quality wooden hangers that look uniform and crisp in our closet.  What does this have to do with cleaning?  If we feel good about the products we use, invested time researching and money purchasing them, it will make us want to take good care of them.  This does not mean hoard them so they never wear out and fear using them because they’re “too expensive”.  But value them for the investment you made in them as they really are some of the best cleaning tools you can buy. And value yourself for the time you will save and the efficiently you will clean.  Take pride in your work and take pride in the tools that help you succeed.

Norwex understands our cleaning struggles.

They get us.  They truly have some of the best cleaning tools on the market.  This is becuase their products really have some great features.  They were one of the first companies to introduce microfiber as an alternative to using chemicals. Take the optic scarf for example.  When I first flipped through the catalog, this product seemed excessive to me.  But after purchasing one, I can clip it on my purse or bag without the fear of losing it.  It’s my go-to tool when I need to clean my glasses, camera lens, computer screen. They have tools specifically for different areas of the home, each designed to help us with a unique task through their specific features.  But also offer products that can be used for almost everything.

Save money. We all need to clean, right?  Though you might pay more upfront for a product, it will last you longer, help you clean more effectively, and is better for the environment.  You can purchase something you might already be needing or find it’s time to replace something in your home that’s outlived its effectiveness or maybe never did that great of a job in the first place.  Investing in good cleaning products is also investing in yourself.  They last a long time, have a warranty, and replace costly cleaning supplies, saving money in the long run.

Have you tried any Norwex products?  What is the product that has most revolutionized the way you clean?  If you are looking for a consultant or knows someone who would benefit from using Norwex, I encourage you to check out my Norwex page for more information and to place orders.

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