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Let me Help with your Organizing Projects

Are you struggling to keep up with the daily grind, tired of feeling like your home is always messy, or overwhelmed by the dirt and clutter? I know the feeling.  You’ve tried all kinds of “systems” but none of them seem to work for you.

I can help.  I take a customized approach, listening to your needs and struggles, while taking into consideration your life circumstances and personal preferences.  Schedule a free 30 minute complimentary coaching call with me to discuss your organizing needs and how I can help.  

Tired Of Dealing With The Stress Caused By Being Disorganized?

We each struggle with different things, and it’s so hard to find good resources to help with the area in question. Here are all of the free guides and workbooks that I’ve created to help you on your path to organized wellness. Feel free to download as many as you’d like!!

Organize Any Space in 5 Easy Steps

Create the home you’ve always wanted.  This workbook will help you identify the goals you have for this living space, how to overcome the obstacles you are facing, the steps needed to declutter and simplify.

Create a Cleaning Schedule you can Stick To

Are you tired of feeling like your home is always dirty? This guide will help you:

A Mindful Approach to Time Management

Make room for what’s important. It’s easy to struggle with setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and finding the motivation to get things done. This FREE guide will help you focus on the things that matter. 

Identify your Roadblocks: Reflect, Evaluate, Succeed

This FREE workbook with help you:

The Best Experience Ever

Shara is my go-to resource for organization because she intuitively understands order and practicality. She takes into consideration one’s mindset, preferences, and life calling in a wholistic way. It is refreshing to have an advisor who keeps up-to-date on design trends and innovations for the home and office space. She also cares deeply about figuring out how I best function in my living and work spaces. You will not find someone who advocates more for your organization project, whether big or small. I am blessed to have someone so caring and focused to help me realize a deeper potential for my life through clarifying and improving the environment I live and work in.
I highly recommend Shara and her organization skills and help! I didn’t feel there was anything I could do in my small closet to make it more organized, but she came in and now I truly have an amazing functional closet that I’ve been able to keep neat and clean because it fits me and my style. She is amazing! She is such an amazing person to work with too, she is hands on, shopping with me to fit my budget and had so many great ideas. Shara is also patient with Type “A” personalities! Wow! I can’t give her enough accolades. Make the call, you won’t regret it.
After I moved into our new home, I never finished unpacking all of the boxes of books and papers in my home office or finding a home for all my clothes. Then, after I had a baby several months later, the idea of organizing my office and bedroom was just too overwhelming. The mess got worse and worse. Shara helped me re-arrange the furniture in my rooms to use my space better, and then she helped me go through all my things. We threw a lot of stuff away and found homes for everything else. I am so happy with my experience working with Shara. I wouldn’t have been able to tackle this project without her expert help and encouragement. I love my new living and working space! Shara taught me a lot of new organizing techniques, too, so I think that I will be able to easily maintain my clean, new space.

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