hands holding a coffee cup. The ABC's of how to live more intentionally

As the new year rolls around, I am really excited to set goals for the year.  I have wanted to make resolutions to live more intentionally. I’ve never been that into making new year resolutions, but then I don’t think I ever took the exercise very seriously.  With all my skepticism, I determined that setting resolutions were pointless because failure would be inevitable.  Deep down inside, I knew that if I didn’t take goal setting seriously enough and really internalize my desired outcome, there was no point.

As I look ahead to the new year, ready to leave this past year behind, I felt the seriousness of setting goals and figuring out a way to keep them.  I got real with myself, trying to determine where I’ve gone wrong in the past, analyzing what it would take to succeed this time around.  The major difference is that I want to set goals that are life-changing.  Ones that become a part of life, a way of thinking.  Below is a list of 12 areas to consider when making resolutions for intentional living.

hands holding a coffee cup. The ABC's of how to live more intentionally


Find a friend or someone else to share your goals with.  If you make goals together and try to accomplish them together, providing support and encouragement, you both will have a better chance of success.


Get real with yourself on where you want to go and what’s holding you back.  Think outside of the box when it comes to determining bad habits that have been acquired along the way. Has your strength actually become a weakness?  Are you getting in the way of your own self?  Have you let your strengths go unchecked to the point they are detrimental?  It seems like a weird concept, but when we rely too heavily on the things we’re good at we become unbalanced.


Step forth in confidence and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  You never know what will happen if you don’t try.  If you have relationships that are negative, consider minimizing contact so that that person does not pull you down. Is negative self-talk sabotaging your progress and your self-confidence?


It’s important to set your mind on your goals and motivate yourself to meet them.  If you want to live more intentionally, this might mean rewarding yourself for small accomplishments or by focusing the end result.  Whenever you start to doubt yourself or want to give up on your goals, focus on the benefits, impact, or feelings of accomplishment that will transpire when you reach the finish line.


It’s important to write down, or draw a picture of what you want to accomplish.  It’s important to dream and really see where you want up.  Keep a clear vision in your mind of how you want things to look.  Write down your resolutions.  Write down where you are presently and where you want to end up.  Put your goals in a conspicuous place so that you are regularly reminded.


Don’t go overboard, but only focus on the most important things.  Prioritize your goals and work on the most important, impactful things first.  Keep your focus on actionable steps.  If you have too many areas of your life you are trying to change, you will only set yourself up for failure.


Set specific and actionable goals.  Break down your resolutions into steps and set deadlines for each step.


Fear, guilt, negativity, self-doubt, afraid to fail.  These feelings will jeopardize your progress and ability to succeed.  These feelings are normal and something everyone faces. Recognizing when they surface will allow you to deal with them appropriately.


Make sure to stay the course, to live more intentionally.  Evaluate decisions as they come up, determining which option and what choice is in line with where you want to end up.


Make a gratitude list.  There are so many things to be thankful for and keeping a running tally of all the great things you’ve experienced will only help spur you on to bigger and better things, while experiencing contentment and fulfillment. Consider reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.


Set goals and resolutions that impact others.  Thinking outside of yourself and showing kindness adds a whole other dimension, another layer of complexity that will help drive motivation.  Be purposeful in helping others in their time in need.

Love Yourself

Learn to accept yourself for who you are and the stage of life you’re in.  Examine the past through a neutral lens, learning from mistakes you’ve made by considering how you can do better.  Leave any judgments or guilt behind by forgiving yourself, not obsessing over the past and what you should have done differently. Self-love is one of the hardest things to master.  We are always our biggest critics.

I hope this list helps inspire you to make resolutions for intentional living and also help you reach them.  Here’s to a new year and a promising future!!  Let me know in the comments below which ones resonated the most with you.

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