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Shara Ryan


Simply Renewed Living

I have a passion for organizing. This stems from being naturally drawn to simplicity and structure in my home.  Combined with my desire to inspire women to achieve their goals, live simply and stay organized, Simply Renewed Living was born. 

I can’t say I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning, but I appreciate having an orderly home.  Contemplating what it means to be a homemaker, I came up with a home management system that works for my family. 

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and am an only child. I was part of a pre-professional ballet company until high school, and i think this accounts for a lot of my self-discipline and drive. I majored in marketing management in college and married my college sweetheart. Puppy dogs are my weakness, along with coffee and chocolate ice cream. 

I love baskets and jars; and hate closet doors (I know, kind of weird), and desire to maintain a home that is easy to clean. My mind goes a mile a minute, but I strive to live in the the moment. 

I am full of contradictions and find myself agonizing between the complex and simple. 

Fun facts about me:
  • The Notes app, to-do lists (but I’m better at creating them than completing them!)
  • Scuba diving, walking the beach, playing fetch with my doggy, and hiking
  • Coffee dates with my closest friends and watching my favorite TV shows
  • Researching the tools and products that help make my life easier
  • The smell of jasmine and geranium, cozy blankets, and collecting house plants  

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